Cassiopeia pavilions constellation

Client: Niarchos Foundation & Greek Ministry of Environment and Climate Change

Location: Faliron Bay, Athens, Greece

Project Architects: Lydia Kallipoliti, Ezio Blasetti, Andreas Theodoridis, Stella Nikolakaki

Status: Design and Construction in Progress

Cassiopeia is a constellation of five programmed open-air pavilions positioned at selected sites of Faliron Bay in Athens, Greece. It is a collaborative effort that is based on a masterplan for the reconstruction of the Faliron Bay in Athens designed by Renzo Piano. Our office collaborated with EcoRedux Network of Lydia Kallipoliti and Ezio Blasetti in New York for the design of “architectural instances” dispersed throughout the vast space of the bay. In reference to self-illuminating stars which compose a constellation, each pavilion has a unique program and spatial structure with the aim to create an active energy point in the map and to introduce activities that will radiate “energy and light” to the surrounding space of the park.  The five pavilions are self-similar, though each one has a different formal output and use.