Interior spaces for a single family house in thessaloniki V.02


Client: Konstantinos Iakovidis, Evi Deliou

Location: Panorama, Thessaloniki, Greece

Project architects: 207×207 architects

Status: completed

In a single family house in Panorama, Thessaloniki, in which we had previously done interior work in the entrance and the children’s rooms, we were asked to convert a storage space into a playroom-study space for the three children

The key issues that we had to meet were:

1. Hiding all the electrical wiring that was exposed in the given space

2. Create enough storage for the mother’s 3000 LP records plus the children’s books and toys.

The object of research for this project was the use of a more formalistic approach in dealing with practical problems and the use of conventional building methods and materials to achieve an innovative result.