Storage-Display for LPs and CDs for an appartment in Thessaloniki

Client: Ntina Alexiou, Kostas Mpliaikos

Location:  Thessaloniki, Greece

Project architects: 207×207 architects

Status: completed

In a city appartment we were asked to design a custom piece of furniture that would be able to hold the owner’s massive music collection of 3000 LP records and 2000 CDs. This would also be the center-piece of the couple’s living room.

The key issues that we had to meet were:

1. How to deal with the volume of the object itself

2. How to create an interesting sculptural effect inside the living room without compromising the practicality.

The object of research for this project was the use of a more formalistic approach in dealing with practical problems and the use of conventional building methods and materials to achieve an innovative result.