Single family house in Chania

under construction

Client: Private

Location: Koumpelis, Chania, Greece

Date: 2008-2009

Project architects: 207×207 architects

In a suburb of Chania, right next to the sea, with a view of the entire harbor, we were asked to design a house for a family with one child. The brief included a 40 m2 office space, a guest room and potentially a swimming pool.

The key issues that had to be addressed were

1. Dealing with the restrictions that the planning authorities placed on the area

2. Trying to design in such a way that the house could be easily built by local builders with not a large additional cost

3. Maintaining privacy in most areas of the interior and the exterior without compromising the formal qualities of the building

4. Creating a large and spacious living area that communicates directly with the exterior

5. Raising the exterior spaces in order to maximize the view-capacity