A-style, scunk-funk and buffalo showrooms for castor-group

Client: Castor s.a.  [www.castor-group.gr]

Location: Leoforos Irakleiou 269, Nea Ionia, Athens, Greece

Project architects: 207×207 architects

Status: completed

Castor Group is a company that imports fashion clothing and accessories. They are the main dealers for labels such as Marella, LaltraModa, Compagnia Italiana, A-Style, Full Circle, Scunk Funk Buffalo, Wonderbra and more. Their headquarters are on the fourth floor of a shopping mall called Ionia Centre in Nea Ionia, Athens. We were asked by the company to convert two of the shops in the basement of the shopping mall into showroom–space that could be transformable according to the needs of each company. The companies that would be on display there were basically A-Style, Buffalo, Minus-Ung, Full Circle and Scunk Funk.

The companies that were to be housed in the new space promote a more street and urban fashion. This prompted us to create a more industrial environment using industrial flooring and raw metal.

The key issues that had to be addressed were

  1. Creating a flexible space without compromising the distinction between the different companies
  2. Creating a distinct entrance for the showroom-space that will distinguish it from the retail shops on the same floor
  3. Creating a bright environment that resembles the existence of natural light, even though it is an underground space
  4. Creating practical and innovative spaces.

This project was the testing ground for two things. The first was different way that we used corian in designing the furniture. The second was the use of an innovative wall-system called soft wall – a kind of bendable and foldable fabric “wall”.