Castor group 4th floor showrooms for Marella and Laltramoda


Client: Castor s.a.  []

Location: Leoforos Irakleiou 269, Nea Ionia, Athens, Greece

Date: 2007

Project architects: 207×207 architects

Castor Group is a company that imports fashion clothing and accessories. They are the main dealers for labels such as Marella, LaltraModa, Compagnia Italiana, A-Style, Full Circle, Scunk Fumk, Buffalo, Wonderbra and more. Their headquarters are on the fourth floor of a shopping mall called Ionia Centre in Nea Ionia, Athens. We were asked by the company to redesign the entrance to their offices and showrooms and two of their showrooms: one for Marella and the other for LaltraModa.

The whole project had to be viewed as a whole as all the spaces at hand were adjacent to each other. At the end, though, all these spaces would be completely differentiated. The existing spatial configuration consisted of a large toilet space outside the company’s entrance, the entrance with the reception desk and one big showroom of about 230 m², which was previously used for Marella. This entire space had to be reconfigured without blocking the use of the company so that there would be two distinct showrooms. The bigger one was to be used for Marella and it had to fit the same amount of clothes that the previous one did. The smaller one was for LaltraModa.

The key issues that had to be addressed were

1. Making an entrance that was practical in use and neutral enough, so that it wouldn’t clash with the rest of the common spaces of the company

2. Redesigning the general organization of the spaces at hand – entrance, toilets, and showrooms – so that we are able to have the needed capacity for clothes in the new showrooms

3. Bringing natural light into the showrooms which was completely blocked in the previous arrangement

4. Creating practical and innovative spaces.

This project was the testing ground for two things. On the one hand we took the use of plaster board to an extreme curvilinear condition and on the other we used a new material called extenzo – a kind of expandable plastic ceiling – in a way that it was never used before in Greece.