Mariangela athens-showrooms


Client: Papadopoulou s.a. []

Location: Thessalonikis 32, Nea Filadelfia, Athens, Greece

Project architects: 207×207 architects

Status: completed

Mariangela is a company that imports fashion clothing and accessories. They are the main dealers for labels such as Sonia Fortuna, Illaria Nistri, Iodice and more. Their headquarters are in Thessaloniki, but they recently purchased a 700 m2 building in Athens in order to house their Athens-branch.

We were asked by the company to complete the building, which was only finished up to a point, and convert it into showroom and office space.

The key issues that had to be addressed were:

  1. Creating a modern and stylish environment that would match and promote the clothes.
  2. Creating as much hanging area as possible, given the huge amount of clothes to be displayed.
  3. Creating distinct spaces for the different companies, without reducing the natural light
  4. Reorganizing the fa├žade so that it is visible and noticeable from the high way that in right in front and creating a proper entrance for the company.
  5. Creating practical and innovative spaces.