Cuca clothing store in Pireaus

Client: Apostolos Koukas

Location: Terpsithea Centre, Iroon Polytexneiou, Pireaus, Athens, Greece

Project architects: 207×207 architects

Status: completed

Cuca is a women’s clothing shop with extremely avant-garde clothing. Each item has a unique aesthetic value and as a whole, all the clothes together create a very interesting assemblage.

The owner has 2 shops in another part of Athens and wanted to create a new one in Pireaus, one that would bring out this special quality of the clothes on display.

So, in a strangely organized 25 m2 space we were asked to design his new shop. The owners pride in finding this kind of unique and interesting pieces of clothing was the primary drive for the design concept. The architectural result focused on the ceiling and on the “materiality” of the furniture, the architectural elements and objects that were used.

The key issues that had to be addressed were:

  1. The geometry of the existing space was “the” fundamental parameter, due to its many corners, its huge columns and the obvious lack of space.
  2. Fitting a large quantity of clothing into a smaller space
  3. Creating a unique ambience with atmospheric lighting and theatrical fittings.