Lobby space for grant children’s clothing


Client: Caramel s.a. [www.grant.gr]

Location: Stilianou gonata 16, Peristeri, Athens, Greece

Project architects: 207×207 architects

Status: completed

Status: completed

Grant is the label of Caramel S.A., children’s clothes manufacturing, importing and retailing company. We were asked by the client to redesigned the lobby space, entrance and reception area, as well as part of the mezzanine waiting room for the company’s newly purchased building.

The entrance of the building had to be impressive and modern and had to convey the company’s philosophy and the “playful” nature of the company’s product.

The key issues that had to be addressed were:

1. Making an entrance that is noticeable from the street

2. Taking advantage of the double ceiling of the lobby in order to create an impressive interior.

3. Creating a new reception desk that could accommodate two receptionists

This project was the testing ground for the use of a “3dimensional” lighting system that would take advantage the double height of the lobby space.